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This window on the south wall of the nave is in memory of Isabella Mary Blomfield, daughter of Rev  George John Blomfield, Rector of Bow, and his wife Isabella.

She died of scarlet fever on January 4th 1857, aged four.

She was born in Hampshire. Her family moved to Bow when her father was appointed to the living in January 1853.

In November 1856 Emma Warren, the wife of the surgeon in Bow had died of scarlet fever. Rev Blomfield then officiated at the funeral of her four year old daughter Gwen Agnes on 4th December.

Blomfield's second son Reginald was born on 20th December in the Rectory just two weeks before Isabella died. He was baptised privately by his father the day after her death and before her funeral on 8th January. They must have been frightened.

Within a few days of her death Rev Blomfield had arranged to exchange parishes with Rev Clotworthy Gillmor from Dartford in Kent.

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