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For almost 200 years there had been a doctor resident in Bow. I was the twenty-ninth

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CREDITON, a town,stands between two hills, on the river Creedy, at the junction of the North Devon and the Exeter and Crediton railways, 8 miles NW of Exeter. It was anciently called Credianton; and is now sometimes called Kerton or Kirton. It dates from very early times; but was greatly devastated, in 1743 and 1769, by fire; and presents now a modern appearance. It was, for many years, the seat of a diocese, transferred, in 1049, to Exeter; was seized and somewhat fortified by the rebels in 1549; and was occasionally occupied by the contending forces in the wars of Charles I. It consists of a main street, about a mile long, and a few minor ones. The old market house was destroyed in the fire of 1769; and the present one was erected in 1837. The public rooms, in ornamental architecture, with public reading room and other apartments on the ground-floor, and a fine large assembly-room above, were erected in 1852. The parish church was originally founded in 905; is now chiefly perpendicular English, of the 15th century., with recent enlargement and repair; has a central tower, the lower part of which is late Norman; contains an early English piscina, and an altar-tomb of the 14th century; and, before the Reformation, was collegiate, -the first in rank among the collegiate churches of the diocese.

Medicine in Crediton 1791                            Crediton Workhouse            Crediton Poor Law Union

George Bent     Crediton and Exeter Physician 1730 -1780           John Dyer     Crediton Surgeon and Apothecary c1760


George Gregory - Rags to Riches: convict sent to Australia            William Cookesley Pioneering Crediton Surgeon c1731

The Doctors Holman 1803-1863     Giles Yarde Grave Robber imprisoned in 1826, then transported to Tasmania in 1837 for theft

Pierre Serph   French P.O.W. surgeon 1809           Felo de se: 1838 Double suicide in Crediton Inn  

The Hectors' association with William Taylor, quadruple murderer 1862

Samuel Forward: Returned to Crediton in 1856 after being transported to New South Wales in 1821

Jane Roberts: Transported to New South Wales in 1791 for being a vagrant.

Thomas Lampin, born in Crediton, hanged in Nottingham in 1809 for forgery.

Grave Robbing in Crediton 1826                                                Freemasonry in Crediton 1804-1806

John Hooper: Repreived from a death sentence in 1831, after 8 years in jail he claimed to be a surgeon. His son became a millionaire in USA, and his grandaughter married into Parisian aristocracy

Ann Harris - Farmworker's daughter transported to Tasmania for theft - later owns an Oyster Saloon in Brisbane