The Listed Headstones in Bow Churchyard

Acccording to this website there are eight listed gravestones in Bow Churchyard

These are described below. Where possible the information has been checked with the burial register.

Gosland Headstone approximately 25m north-west of West Tower.


Small headstone. Dated 1717 in memory of Amy Gosland. Mudstone. Round-headed upright slab approximately 200mm wide and approximately 450mm high. It is inscribed in capital letters AMY COSLAND BURIED JULY THE 9 1717. At the top is a horizontal line with a pair of semi-circles rising above and with a simple cross between. At the bottom is a naive and stylised representation of a cherub with half of the date on each side. The headstone was probably set in its present position in C19. [According to the burial record she was the wife of Peter Gosland.]

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