Bow Church - The Mottram Andrews Window

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This window on the South wall of the chancel was commissioned by William Warren's daughter Frances Hicks Andrews in 1901. It is to the memory of her three children -

William De Mey Mottram Andrews (who died at Modder Spruit, South Africa), Sidney Llewellyn Mottram Andrews, and Avis Fellows Mottram Andrews.


"In the centre light is the Dove representing the Holy Ghost, bearing the words, “Come unto Me”. In tracery above is the emblem I.H.S., with decorated Gothic foliage. The subject is effectively and artistically treated. The colours, while rich are harmonious and subdued. The window, as a whole, is an admirable specimen of stained glass work. It was executed in the studios of Messrs. Mitchell and Son, Exeter."


Western Times - 17 December 1901