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Charles Baylis


Not a lot is known about Charles Baylis’s short life. In 1828, when aged 23, he came to Bow. Shortly afterwards he married Charlotte, daughter of William Flexman, a surgeon in South Molton, who took three years later for a short period was the doctor for Bow.

Baylis had an annual contract with the Bow Overseers of the Poor to provide medical and surgical care of the poor of the parish for the sum of ten pounds. (Midwifery and vaccination against smallpox attracted additional fees.)


Their daughter Charlotte Agnes Ann Flexman Baylis was born in Bow in 1829. Shortly afterwards they moved to Combe Martin in North Devon.

There are entries in the books of the Bow Overseers of the Poor that refer to a Chas Baylis having to pay bastardy payments of two shillings a week between 1833 and 1836, and some of the expenses incurred.


October 1833                                                                                                                                      £   s    d

Pd William Casely for summonsing Charles Baylis                                                                           1  15  0

Pd Mr Gould for Baylis order and constables’ charge for serving it                                                  0   9   0

Journey to Linton and summons for Baylis and journey to South Molton

And the constable of Linton as per bill                                                                                               1   1   0

Journey to Linton Mr Casely                                                                                                                   7   6


This is almost certainly the same Charles Baylis. In 1840, he died aged 35 in South Molton. His wife survived him by 30 years.

Their daughter went on to marry solicitor John Hill Milton Sanger of Bampton, who had recently served his articles of clerkship in Exeter with Mr Robert Wreford of Bow.   (John Sanger the solicitor also died aged 35.)