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Henry Brutton


After Dr Street left for Australia in 1838, there was a succession of doctors who covered the Bow district until Dr Warren was appointed in 1844.

Henry Brutton, then living in Morchard Bishop, was the first, there being no suitable local applicant, although William Snow was still living in Bow.

Henry Brutton's grandfather Robert was born in Colebrooke. The family were successful malsters and moved to Exeter where he was born in 1802. Several of his family became lawyers in Exeter. His half brother Charles was married to the sister of Rev Charles Rookes, who conducted the ceremony.

In 1839 for about a year, James Peter Hill (abt 1798 – 1865) was appointed medical officer for the district.

The following year Henry Brutton, whose tender was cheaper, was re-appointed for Bow. According to Dr William Budd, Brutton cared for the patients in Morchard Bishop who contracted Typhoid Fever during the 1839-1840 outbreak that was centred on North tawton.

In 1840 there were several complaints to the Crediton Guardians of the Poor about Mr Brutton. For failing to attend two paupers (he had been called to Exeter as a witness at the assizes) he was admonished by the chairman. He was later accused of neglecting a patient who then died, and making incorrect entries in the weekly medical reports. He was told that if this was repeated he would be reported to the Poor Law Commissioners. He was probably unwell as only a few months later he died “of a lingering illness” at his home in Morchard Bishop, unmarried, aged 38.