Australia and New Zealand

There are a large number of connections between mid-Devon and Australia and New Zealand around the nineteenth century. Apart from the transportation of convicts, others relocated for a better life and the prospect of gold. Long haul travel is not a new phenomenon.



New South Wales (NSW)

Francis Gale Snelling Street  Doctor in Bow 1836, emigrated to Hunter Valley

Thomas Glanville Blennerhasset Hutton Born Sydney 1851, Doctor in Bow 1877

Charles Snape Doctor from Surrey, worked in NSW for a year before settling in Morchard Bishop 1866

Eliza Sparrow nee Stoddart – transported to NSW in 1833 for Bigamy. Claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of Dr John Mortimer who was married in Clannaborough

James Stone A noted wrestler from Colebrooke. He went to the New England area in 1840, where he was shot dead by a convict.

Ann Parker born in Bow in 1791, transported to Parramatta in 1807 for theft.

Alexander Croote transported 1835 for stealing a sheep

The Radfords: Prestwood Johanna, and her brother Benjamin Pearse Radford

John Moore born Bow 1817, transported for house breaking

Sarah Parsons of Newton St Cyres: Obtaining money by false pretences: transported 1832

Joseph Hepper of Sandford: Transported for stealing pork 1838

Elizabeth Cornish/Baker and Grace Bryant : Life sentence 1829 for robbing William Langman who was left for dead in Exeter

Samuel Forward returned to Crediton in 1856 after being transported in 1821

Jane Roberts of Crediton. Third Fleeter. Possibly the mother of Mary Ann Roberts of Mudgee.

Ann Deane née Pidsley and her children emigrated in 1838 with memorabilia of Devon

The Northam and Snell Hill connections from Zeal Monachorum


Queensland (Qld),

The Radfords: Rebecca Fosbrook and Thomasine Martha, daughters of Rev John Radford, Rector of Lapford, emigrated to Brisbane. Their brother Penrose Joseph Radford later joined them.

Elizabeth Heard, born in Bow, emigrated with her family to near Brisbane. Was ship-wrecked on the way.

William Coombe Transported in 1835 for stealing a sheep. Moved to Brisbane from NSW.

William French Thurston Doctor in Bow, emigrated to Rockhampton 1880. Ended up in USA

Herbert Rowse Bastard : His wife Chérie Overell came from Brisbane

James Lee of Sandford. Transported to NSW in 1849 for theft, he settled near Brisbane where he drowned in 1886


South Australia (SA),

John Silllifant of Adelaide unexpectedly inherits Coombe House, Colebrooke, when his English cousin died in 1922

The Mashford family migrate to Adelaide in 1846


Tasmania (Tas.),

Elizabeth Ware née Furze from Down St Mary. Stole a duck etc, transported 1837

Caroline Arundell/Elston - Highway Robbery 1850

Mary Ann Herman née Scott. Born in Newton St Cyres. Transported in 1842 for robbing a man in an Exeter pub

Jane Skinner of Sandford. Transported to Hobart in 1835 for arson

Josias Austin Transported to Hobart for stealing a sheep in 1835

John Deans North Tawton doctor, moved to New Norfolk in 1891

John East from Newton St Cyres. Transported to Campbell Town in 1842 for stealing a horse

Edwin Partridge Longman Saddler in Bow. Transported to Ross in 1850 for horse stealing

Samuel Hurved of Sandford, transported in 1851 for stealing a sheep. Later moved to New Zealand and made it back to UK when aged 80

Thomas Westlake, Samuel Houghton and Mary Evans, transported separately for highway robbery 1842

William Bray - transported for manslaughter of his landlord in Crediton, 1833

John Baker - Life sentence 1829 for robbing William Langman who was left for dead in Exeter

Giles Yarde -Exeter grave robber. Transported for theft of a scythe in 1837

George Gregory -Transported for stealing £1 in 1848. "Rags to Riches"

William Couch Snell -Transported for stealing potatoes 1830

Susanna Adams and Maria Reed - Transported for uttering base coin 1837

Samuel Reed and James Tucker - Transported for stealing salt fish 1837

Elizabeth Oxenham and William Maunder - Transported for highway robbery 1842

James Grant Parker- Transported 1852 for stealing horse hair

William Henry Ellis - of Sandford: Transported for embezzlement 1827

George Vicary - Transported for theft in 1841

Robert Parsons - Transported for theft in 1831; returned to his family in UK 25 years later

Martha Dunn - probably from Zeal Monachorum. Transported in 1834 for receiving stolen beef.

Ann Harris - Crediton farmworker's daughter transported to Tasmania for theft - later owns an Oyster Saloon in Brisbane


Victoria (Vic.)

William Robert de Mey Warren Born in Bow, 1844. Emigrated to Healesville

Lee Tucker family of Colebrooke. All three sons emigrated


Western Australia (WA).

James Screech (Screaigh) Born in Colebrooke. Transported 1851 for stealing

James Elston - Highway Robbery at Hatherleigh 1850




Samuel Hurved of Sandford. After being transported to Tasmania, lived in Riverton before returning to Devon in 1880

William Henry Bent, Surgeon, Grandson of the Vicar of Sandford, drowned near Wellington in 1852.