Church Lands


The "Church Lands" charity was set up in 1737 by Richard Tozer.


He gave the trustees three quarters of an acre of land to the South of the church containing St Martin’s Chapel, Church House and other buildings, and a close called Martin’s Park, all in Bow.

The profit on the rent was to be used primarily to repair and uphold the parish church of Nymet Tracey, and in buying books for divine service.


Six cottages, three in the church yard and three in the village were rented by the Bow Overseers of the Poor, who allowed paupers to live there rent-free.  The annual rental income in 1824 was about £30.

Between 1845 and 1911, St Martin’s Chapel ceased to exist, and no trace of it remains. All except one of the cottages and most of the land had been sold, and the sale proceeds invested, the income being applied for the general purposes of the parish church.




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