John Hole and Rowland's Gift Charities

John Hole's Charity

In 1732 John Hole gave £10 to the poor of Bow, the interest arising to be distributed on Christmas day for ever.


In 1822 20s (for two years) was distributed. By 1910, the income arising was used for the distribution of Bibles and Prayer books.




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Edmund Rowland's Gift

Edmund Rowland bequeathed some land in Bow to John Hoyle. He stipulated that the leaseholder of the White Hart Inn (one of the oldest pubs in Bow) was to contribute 20s each year divided 6s 8d each to the poor of Bow, North Tawton and Zeal Monachorum.

In Bow, this used to be distributed as sixpences to aged women present at divine service on Christmas Day. In 1902, five shillings were distributed this way to "ten poor people". In 1909 Mr Sanders of the White Hart paid £2 rent covering 1904-1909. That was probably the last payment received by the Charity which lapsed before 1926.