William Lane Kelland Charity


In January 1889 William Henry Kelland donated £16 15s to be invested so that the dividends would be distributed in alternate years by the Rector and Churchwardens "for the benefit of deserving and necessitous persons [of the parish] ... providing them with clothes, linen, fuel, tools, medical or other aid in sickness, food or other articles in kind, or temporary relief in money in case of unexpected loss, urgent distress or sudden destitution."


William Kelland desired that the charity should be called the "Charity of William Lane Kelland". The Charity funds were used for the purchase of tools for deserving labourers. In 1902, 18s 6d was distributed in this way.


(William Kelland's great uncle, Robert Kelland married Agnes Lane so he and  William Lane were distant relatives.) Born at Langford in Bow in 1819, William Lane farmed at Woolsgrove, Sandford, then returned to Bow and lived at Grattons for about 30 years until his death in 1906. He was Lord of the Manor and a churchwarden of Bow.

William Kelland also erected several stained glass church windows locally.