Christopher Lethbridge (1654-1713) of Pilton

Christopher Lethbridge was buried at St Mary's Church, Pilton, on the North side of Barnstaple, in 1713. Within the South aisle of the church there is a large memorial to him and his family, which was designed and erected by him in his lifetime.

His great-grandson, John Lethbridge was made a baronet in 1804. (In 2010 it was discovered that Sir John had an illegitimate daughter, Claire Claremont, who was the mother of Lord Byron’s daughter.)


It was Sir John’s son, Sir Thomas Buckler Lethbridge, who sold the plot of land in Bow known as “Fair Park” to surgeon John Arscott in 1818.




Sir Thomas Buckler Lethbridge's third son, Rev Thomas Prowse Lethbridge (1804-1851) was Rector of Broad Nymett 1837-41, and Bow 1839-1841


Christopher Lethbridge - Monument in Pilton Church.

Click on the image to see a detail of the monument, and a transcription and translation of the Latin inscription.