Christopher Lethbridge (1654-1713) of Pilton

Detail of Christopher Lethbidge's monument in Pilton Church, together with transcription and translation from the Latin.

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Hoc Monumentum

Quod ipse in sui suorumque

Memoriam Vivus Vidensque.

Extruxerat Jacet Christopherus

Lethbridge, Armiger, qui natus

Annos 59 mortem obiit Junii 28

Annoque Domini 1713.

Hujus Reliquiis suas adjunxit

Margareta Uxor, Philippii Bouchier

Generosi Filia, Maritum Vidua decennii

Intervallo secuta, viz: die Nov. 3tio

Anno Christi 1723. Pari

Amoris FÅ“dere Conjunctos

Par Annorum Terminus



Translation by the Rev William Henry Morris Bagley, Vicar of Pilton in his book 'Some Account of Pilton Priory and Church' (1907 ).

Near this Monument which he himself in his lifetime erected under his own supervision in memory of himself and his family lies Christopher Lethbridge, Esquire, who died on the 28th June in the year of our Lord 1713, aged 59 years. Mingling her remains with his, Margaret, his wife, the daughter of Philip Bouchier, Gentleman, followed her husband after an interval of ten years which she passed in widowhood, namely on the 3rd of November, in the year of Christ 1723. United by an equal bond of love, an equal number of years closed their lives.


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