COLEBROOKE is a parish and pleasant village, on an acclivity near a tributary stream of the river Yew (sic), 1 mile from the Yeoford Junction Railway Station, and 4 miles W. of Crediton. Its parish includes the villages of Coleford and Penstone, and part of that of Copplestone.

It had 787 inhabitants (379 males, 408 females), in 1871, living in 178 houses, on 4989 acres of land. A. Coryton, Esq., is lord of the manor…

The other principal landowners are Sir John Shelley, Bart., A.O. Sillifant, Esq., S.C. Hamlyn, Esq., the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, S. Norrish, Esq., and the Misses Madge. Coombe House is the pleasant seat of A.O. Sillifant, Esq. Paschoe was formerly the residence of the Hamlyn family; the house was rebuilt in 1852 by S.C. Hamlyn, Esq. Horwell is the seat and property of Samuel Norrish, Esq.

The Church (St. Andrew) is a large limestone structure, with a handsome tower containing five bells and a clock. The south transept belongs to S. Norrish, Esq., and the beautiful north aisle to S.C. Hamlyn, Esq., who defrayed the expense of restoring the Coplestone aisle of the church, and the filling of the east window with stained glass. Mrs. Deacon inserted a stained glass window in the south chancel in 1871 in memory of her first husband, J Sillifant, Esq. There were formerly chapels at Copplestone, Landsend, Horwell, Hooke, and Whelmstone Barton in this parish. In the churchyard is a monument to Abraham Cann, a noted wrestler.

The Bible Christians have a chapel here. The School Board was formed on November 13, 1873. A school, with teacher's house, was built in 1874 at a cost of upwards of £1600, to accommodate 130 children. At the north end of the parish is a large school erected, and supported by the Misses Madge, of Copplestone.


History, gazetteer and directory of the County of Devon including the City of Exeter, and comprising a general survey of the County and separate historical, statistical and topographical descriptions of all the hundreds, unions, parishes, townships, chapelries, towns, ports, villages - hamlets (1878) by William White

Windows of St Andrew's Church, Colebrooke:   John Woolcoombe Sillifant (1823-1869)    Samuel Norrish (1813-1888)



Revd Isidore Daimpré (1841-1822)                                   Francis Synge Sillifant (1832-1894) Surgeon  

Commander Hugh Horatio Knocker (1829-1869), Conchologist

"Little Elephant" killed in Australia, and the Stone Brothers, wrestlers              Rupert Gettliffe, surgeon from Derbyshire 1760s

James Screech (1833-1899) Convict sent to Western Australia              William Couch Snell (1801-1878) Convict sent to Tasmania

John Jackman, almost transported to Australia in 1842     Thomas Bartow: 17th Century Doctor in Colebrooke and Crediton

Ann Pidsley of Great Wotton: Her 1807 wedding dress on display in Australia    John Frost: 17th Century Member of the Chapel Royal

The Lee and Tucker family: all three sons emigrated to Australia where two of them became members of the Legislative Assembly in Victoria