Edith A Radford - Good Time Girl

Edith Radford was born in 1879 in Etna, Siskiyou, in northern California. Her parents were former gold miner William Arundel Radford, son of the late Rector of Lapford, and his wife Mary (nee Ivers). Mary Ivers was born in Iowa, and was the widow of Joseph Denny. Edith had a step brother and a step sister named Joseph and Ida Denny, and soon had two younger sisters, Maud and Edna. By the time she was four, her father was a constable and later was promoted to Deputy Sheriff. He was shot and killed when arresting a stage coach robber in 1897.

Edith Neile (nee Radford) c 1898

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In 1896, gold was discovered in the Klondyke region of the Yukon in north western Canada. Over the next two years the gold rush attracted over 30,000 prospectors, most of them to the town of Dawson. Only 10% of the population was female, many of those were looking for a rich husband or were employed in the entertainment or sex industries. Edith arrived at this time; she was both a theatrical performer and a prostitute. She became Alaska's "most famous and admired good time girl". She worked at the "Monte Carlo" saloon in Dawson (left).