John Moore

John Moore, William Moore’s brother, was born in Bow in 1817. Aged about 11 he was assigned as parish apprentice to Robert Powlesland, but in 1835 he ran away.

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Then, at the County Sessions, held on 3 January 1837 he was found guilty of stealing in the previous November, various articles of wearing apparel from William Cockram, a farmer of Upton Pyne. He was sentenced to 6 weeks' imprisonment with hard labour, the first and last weeks to be in solitary confinement.


Almost exactly a year later he was found guilty of breaking in to the dwelling house of Robert Powlesland, in the parish of Bow on the evening of Saturday the 2nd of December last and stealing therefrom various articles of wearing apparel. He was sentenced to be transported for 14 years.

At the time he was a farm labourer, single.


He was taken to the Convict Hulk “Ganymede” moored at Woolwich – where he was described as “An idle young man”, and transported to Sydney on “Theresa” arriving in Port Jackson on 31 January 1839.

He was given his certificate of freedom in 1852.




This certificate, apart from having a physical description, confirms his birth place as Bow.

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In 1844 he was given permission to marry Bridget Connor who had emigrated from Ireland in 1842. They lived in Balmain, now a suburb of Sydney, where they had seven children, and where he died in 1878.