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In Clannaborough Church there is a window depicting St Martin, in memory of John Wreford Julian Hardman who died in 1900 in South Africa during the Boer War.


Why it should be here is a mystery. He seemed to have no connection with Clannaborough, but the name Wreford gives a clue.


John W J Hardman was born in Berlin in 1863. His parents were Ann Wreford and Frederick Hardman.


John had a younger sister, Frances Anne de Rougemont Hardman, born in Florence in 1867. John and Frances's mother Ann Wreford was born at Nicholls Nymet near North Tawton; her father John was the brother of William Wreford of Clannaborough (see below). Ann married Frederick Hardman in Clifton, Bristol in 1861 when she was 40.


In Clannaborough Church there is also a brass memorial commemorating both Selina Ward Wreford nee Southwell, William's wife, and Ann Hardman nee Wreford, whose husband, Frederick, is described as being of "The Times". Permission to erect the memorial was sought by John Hardman and his sister Ann shortly after Selina Wreford died in 1892, and the request  does not mention Ann and Frederick Hardman, whose names are included on the memorial.

Born in London in 1815, John's father, Frederick Hardman was the son of Joseph Hardman, a Lloyds insurance agent,originally from Manchester. Frederick volunteered as an officer in the Auxillary Legion sent to Spain to assist Queen Isabella II in the First Carlist War.

In about 1850 he became a war correspondent of "The Times", initially in Spain, and then all over Europe including the battlegrounds of the Crimea. He wrote several books, some about his time in Spain. He was working in Paris at the time of his death aged 60 in 1874. Ann Wreford who died in 1881, was his second wife. His first wife, Maria was Spanish.

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